Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy crazy week...I miss these two!

God is good all the time... I love that song! I am so excited that I am able to help out with the woman's retreat. It has re-energized me, not to mention, it sure keeps your focus where it should be and that is on God! Dina, one of the sisters in the church really picked a great verse to base the theme of our retreat on, Romans 12:1-2. I have been gnawing on these two verses for about a month now and I can't get enough of it. I must say I am starting to run low on fuel though so I am taking tomorrow off and meeting up with some friends for coffee. I have wrapped about 30 some candy bars for the womans pillows so they have a little treat waiting for them as they retire for the evening, and if only ten woman show up, I am eating all the left overs! ( Thanks for the idea Snackie) I also have a little newspaper all tied up in twine that I am leaving by their doors with a devotion of things we will share that day. Kind of like an overview of the day. Anyway, other than dressing up the dog, that is how I have been spending my spare time here. I can't believe how it already feels like Fall here! Man the nights are chilly...brrrr


Jackie said...

Have a blast at the retreat, Chrissy! And take lots of pictures.

P-Dot said...

I just love the picture of the three of you. Have a good time with the ladies and, of course, JFF.

Jackie said...

Hey, I just looked at this picture again and realized that you are totally out-styling your kids! WTG Chrissy. Fab outfit!

P.S. Hi Penny!! Love from AK!

Christine said...

Well Jackie, I must say you and I see it that way but they do not! Are we getting old or what! Nah...let's just say they don't have good taste yet! Big hugs sister! Hug the twinks for me...and sweet Molly, ok and my brother too! Hey I forgot to tell you, the day you called I had another call coming was your hubby aka my lil brother! How sweet was that!

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