Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is our sweet Anya and Alison (Anya is a friend who Ali brought home one day
From High school who needed a place to stay for a few days and ended up living with us
for two years)

Alison and Hiedi ( friends since pre school)

There has been a lot of cocoa going out of my kitchen this week! I think I figured out why this snow has been so much fun for me this time around. I'm not real concerned about the fact I didn't get everything done that I wanted to for Christmas,...as a matter of fact I have been forced to be creative this year.
Normally when the kids are home on school breaks I hardly get to spend much time with them since they are so excited about catching up with all their friends who are all also home on school breaks.
So guess who has had the company of their children all week long now? Yep, you guessed... it me!
They have been home for dinner, movies, games, late night talks and lots of cocoa! Alison has been knitting her heart out and Elliot and Kelsey have been here as well. We were lucky to have Anya for the night as well. They all went sledding and had a blast!
So Seattle, hate me if you must, but I have my kids home and I am loving it!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


His Child said...

OK -- I'm here but DON'T count on any fancy blogs from me! Thanks for the call today Chris --needed to hear you and talk. Been a LONG year for me and my family, as you well know.

I have always known how amazing you are -- but these BLOGS are wonderful! I'm lucky to know you and so blessed to have you in my life --we all are!

I'll give you a call after the holidays when the kids are back in school and we will get together!

God Bless you and your beautiful family!


Attebetty said...

I agree with your thoughts on shopping vs. being snowed in. I have cleaned places I forgot were in my house. I've watched a couple of dvd's I bought quite a while ago and never had the time to see. Lew and I have had a good time watching the snow. It's great.
My friends that are trying to make it home to Kasilof, Alaska in this weather were held back near Olympia for 3 days. They have a 23 foot 5th Wheel trailer.
They had books and only the Hallmark channel on the t.v.
She called me on the 3rd day and said, "Vern (Her husband/my pal for 55 years)says Tell Lew to get out there and brush the snow off the car covers before the weight of the snow knocks them over!"
I told her he always does it.
She laughed, "We've read all the books, and the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are starting to repeat. Evidently, we're now going to call our friends and order them to do things...."
They made it to Everett yesterday and they're joining us for the holiday. I hope you all have a crowded, Happy Christmas too!

Jackie said...

Hi Chrissy, Somehow I missed this post. Loved the pictures of the kidos in the snow. Hey, how tall is Heidi? I know Alison is tall, but Heidi - wow! Love ya, Jax

Christine said...

Heidi and Ali are the same height, Heidi is standing on a mound of snow covering a brick wall the neighbor has in his yard...lol

Lisa said...

Have you thawed out from the snow yet? I've loved all of your blogs! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It sounds like hot chocolate has been as abundant as the snow. We had 65 degrees the other day, tornoado warnings then snow all in 24 hours. Crazy midwest weather for December!