Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soul Food and A Warm Blanket...

Come to me and listen! Attune yourself to My voice, and receive My riches blessings. Marvel at the wonder of communing with the Creator of the universe while sitting in the comfort of your home. Kings who reign on earth tend to make themselves inaccessible; ordinary people almost never gain audience with them. Even dignitaries must plow through red tape and protocol in order to speak with royalty. Though he is king of the Universe, He is totally accessible to you and I. He is with us where ever we go. Nothing can separate us from His presence!

Verses I am dwelling on today under a warm blanket in my living room... Isa 50:4; Isa 55:2-3; John 19:30; Matt 27:50-51

Jesus calling~Sarah Young

Working on a blanket I learned how to create today from this YouTube demo called, ' The Basket weave stitch,' because it looks like a basket. Go check it out. I think you will agree that it is easy to make and very pretty.

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