Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring time in the Winter

I was thrilled to see some Spring time at the grocery store today! As much as I enjoy the winter days, I must say, these flowers brought a good feeling my way along with a smile to my face just seeing them.

On one side of my kitchen window I now have Spring time while on the other side of the window there is winter.

Who said we can't have it all!

This world can sure be gloomy at times yet with the Lord in my life I have a gold mine of peace deep within me waiting to be tapped into. I simply need to take the time to dig deep into the riches of His almighty Presence. He simply wants me to live increasingly from my real center, where His almighty love has a powerful grip on me. He is the Christ in me, the hope and glory.

It may be winter outside my window but on the other side of that window pane it is looking and feeling a lot like Spring time!



Debbie said...

A little bit of spring is just what I need! I am so tired of snow and cold.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful reflection during this wintery blast of cold.


i like your photo header.

Lynette said...

What awesome splashes of color!
Every year is smile to myself when I hear the US bloggers yearning for the "first" snow...and then get tired of it!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

We must think alike, I just bought some daffodil bulbs that are getting ready to bloom, I'm going to replace my paper whites in the nest I made at Christmas with the daffodils.
About getting together, let me know what works for you... I will come up there though, I need to go to Natures Market real bad, so maybe the Starbucks by Haley's bakery?