Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd

We sure can be fooled into thinking that this journey of the Lords birth is all about watching sentimental Christmas movies and looking at nativity figures believing this was some cozy event for all involved. Yet when we reflect on the facts of this event a little more deeply, we can see that the journey to Bethlehem was anything but easy or cozy. As a matter of fact, the journey was difficult for everyone involved. Joseph and Mary had to leave the security of their own home and travel to the city in order to register for taxation. Mary was ready to give birth to the Christ child and the couple had nowhere to sleep, but they needed to make the trip in order to fulfill the prophecy (Micah 5:2) that the Savior would be born in Bethlehem.

Today as I light the candles I can't help but think of my comfort zone.

I move Mary again and continue to follow the candle...the light.

Today as I slow and take in and think about mom carrying Christ child within her...on a donkey...on a journey of faith and trust...out of her comfort zone.

Nothing was easy.

The Lord often calls us to leave our “comfort zone” in order to encounter Him more deeply.

This journey of a human woman carrying the Christ child within her...

Do we not carry Him with in us now?

Isn't this what this journey to Bethlehem was all about?

Him {IN} us?

We start this journey, one foot in front of the other as we trust, as we listen and as we follow.

Am I or you any different from this human woman, Mary?

The Heavenly Father looks down and sees the path from the beginning all the way until the end.

We don't but he does...He always has.

We follow His words, His light, as His spirit lives with in us and leads us.

Today I simply sit here and slow with Him.

This mother...carrying this child....

Me, this simple daughter, carrying Him with in me.

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