Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Coffee and a couple of books are on today's agenda. I have a few more scripture dolls to make for a couple sweet girls at church as well. I'd also like to finish up a couple more scripture pillows for the house. A fun week end was had up in Bellingham with my daughter. Although, I confess,  I added a few extra pounds with all of the amazing eating we did. (worth it!)

We will all be heading over to my moms on the lake for a bar-b-q and some 4th of July fun with our bible study group this evening. I'm bringing dessert and a potato salad. 

I actually found some really great ideas over

She has 100 red white and blue recipes!

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 Let me today be a Christian not only in my words but also in my deeds. Let me be brave in following the footsteps of my Master, where ever they may lead. Let me be hard and stern with myself. Let there be no self pity or self indulgence in my life today. Let my thinking be keen and my speech frank and open, and my action courageous and decisive.

Taken from: "A diary of private prayer


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Red Rose Alley said...

Those pies look delightful! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. Please show us the Scripture dolls when you are finished. I'd love to see them.