Saturday, July 28, 2012

Promised a homemade pie to the husband but before I knew it the day got away from me.
 He tells me all the time that he doesn't live life expecting anything and so therefore he usually isn't to disappointed in much.

Of course I felt so guilty not following through that I ended up making him not one pie, but two pies the very next day!

One Blueberry and one Blackberry.
I was thinking back on my single years before we even met and how I was praying for the perfect husband just for me, to walk this journey with. I can't help but give all glory and all thanks to God for honoring my simple request way back then. I continue to learn so much from this man sent from God and I can't help but feel that because of him, I really am turning into a much better person from who I was before we first met.


I used to get such hurt feelings from some of our friends and family. I don't any more. They are still the same, but I am not. I have  felt a "release" of sorts over the years since I have learned to simply let things go. I don't expect anything from them yet when they do reach out every now and again with a little cheer here and there I just smile and am thankful inside, because like my husband said,  how can I be disappointed in others when I don't expect anything from them in the first place?

Maybe this is the biggest breakdown of relationships?

 Expecting something of others and then feeling the sadness and hurt of disappointment when they don't come through for us.

enjoying the moments, that really happen and letting all of the rest of it fall to the way side.

Besides, isn't it more blessed to be thinking on and doing for others then for ourselves?

Thankful for:

These beautiful flowers brought over by a neighbor from her garden
Cyndy's {SIL} home made necklace with my name on it
Jackie's {SIL} phone conversations and funny one liners from days gone way by (laughing)
Phone call from mom
Husband calls to check in
a husband who is always teaching me through his actions
Phone call from two brothers who are on their lunch break
A son who calls on his way to work
another son who brings home coffee...just because

Bob my {BIL} who takes two buses to have midweek bible study and fellowship with us.
 This sweet nephew, Jordon, who is smart as a whip and a sweetheart to boot
A husband who saw the importance of mom home with children
a home full of laughter and love

This daughter of ours who finished College
two sons with good jobs
Friends who care and support
Family who shows love through action
so many books that inspire me to walk closer to the Great I AM

These flowers that bring color to our kitchen
Pizza on Friday evenings
a good book read out on the back deck under candle lite

new sandals on sale
summer harvest for table and business
such love and unity at church
Gods love and grace
peace-loving joy
God of salvation
visitors at church last Sunday, some new friends some old friends ~ God is good!
friends visit from out of town
coffee with friends
lunch with new friend
Gods holy word put to memory

Week night bible study sitting around pool

Bowl full of cherries from local fruit stand
Beautiful temps for a very enjoyable summer
Baby birds in nest below my office window chirping

 Continuing to be thankful for these moments



Raymond Homestead said...

Pie looks sooo good!

Christine said...

It was delicious! I am sad to say that I have been on Weight Watchers diet and I could only have a very small slice...ugh!

Red Rose Alley said...

Is there anything better than blueberry pie? Not expecting anything from others is a good way to look at things - it seems that we won't get as disappointed in them if they let us down. Something for me to think about this weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Christine said...

Such truth Sheri....let downs hurt. pressing onward and upward. Hugs