Monday, October 13, 2008

The Battle in Seattle Game

Notice twin B is now sporting a CWU sweat shirt supporting Kelsey's College football team who is playing Alison's college Football team in Seattle Battle Saturday. So as soon as Alison picked herself off the floor,... after seeing Elliot walk into the house wearing that shirt, she quickly took the framed poster of her college Volleyball team off the wall and posed for this picture with Kel-Kel and Elliot aka trader! Go WWU! Go CWU! How can we lose, we have one on each team!
Alison headed out to a Volleyball tournament up at Seattle U with a friend to watch some old team mates of hers play in a tournament. Elliot and Kelsey headed into Seattle as well to watch the Battle in Seattle game between Central and Western. After the games, ali and mark ran into a ton of kids from the battle game only to hear that Western lost...oh well at least Kel-Kel and Elliot were happy!.
I so loved having all the kids home this week end!
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Jackie said...

What a fun weekend! Loving all the pictures. Hugs, Jax

Christine Lynn said...

Went by waaaay to fast! Lots of fun! Looking forward to the next home visit...Thanksgiving!