Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cocoa and cookies anyone...are we almost there?

Ali and Scott, if you think a hat and scarf is going to lure this lazy spoiled Pug out side into that rough cold are in for a big surprise!

Had a very nice dinner at mom and dads house the other evening and it was awesome! Look at moms wonderful table! Note: Ali in back ground eating all the goodies as I take pictures!

Ali and Brit finally hook up. Ali made Brit the most beautiful scarf that she knitted for her. The yarn she used was just beautiful. Ali has made four scarfs so far on her winter break....and I might add right here that it is costing me a fortune! This yarn she uses is very expensive! My bad for sure for starting her out on the best! But hey, since I am one of the recipients of the winter break scarfs, I guess it's all good.

Went shopping at Target last night and ran into just about everyone we new there,...OK ~so we only ran into eight people,...after being couped up for several days from the snow it seemed like everyone we knew!

After shopping we hiked on over to our favorite Mexican deli and bought the fixings for some tacos. Our good friends, the Smith family, dropped by for a visit and left some goodies for us to nibble on. I'm dipping her home made chocolate treat in to my cup of tea as I type and I must say,....they are wonderful and the key board is now full of cookie crumbs!

The kids all took off to watch movies with a friend down the street while my empty nest partner and I watched a movie and headed to bed.

We were planning on making the ginger bread house and cookies last night but since Elliot and Kelsey couldn't be here, We didn't want to leave them out, we will all work on that tonight and watch one of our favorite Christmas movies, "elf."

Last but not least by any means, GGma's box of yummy cookies showed up at our door yesterday. I don't ever remember a year these cookies didn't show up for Christmas! She is the best GGma in the world and I need to go call her right now!

My cards will finally go out into the mail today along with a few gift packages...I know, I know...a little late but these snow days have set us all back a bit.... that is my excuse this year anyway!

Candy Cane kisses everyone!


Amy said...

Love your heart for your family.. it blesses me so! Gingerbread houses and cookies sound like amazing fun especially with your kids! :)

Thanks so much for your comment on my Crickle.. you will have to let me know what you think... It REALLY addictive stuff... :)

Hugs.. Amy

Ms. Tee said...

What fun things y'all are doing - and you are ahead of me - I haven't mailed my cards yet! lol
THey might be late, but I'm going to put them in the mail anyway.
Have a great weekend with your family! :)

Attebetty said...
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Attebetty said...

About 20 years ago, when leg warmers were very, very 'in' I knitted myself a pair using a gorgeous gun metal gray, pure wool We cross country ski. Gotta be 100% wool. It cost an arm, a leg and at least, one major organ. They turned out beautifully. When my sister saw them she wanted some. And....she wanted them to be the same as mine. I knitted another set. Then, my daughter AND my niece wanted a set. Guess what? The same wool. My pal Shelby saw them and wanted a pair, 'just like yours....'
I have never been so busy and so bored in my life. I spent weeks knitting TEN gun metal gray TUBES!!!
I hadn't knitted a thing for all the intervening years until 2 years ago, when I knitted all the women in my family and some of the Biddies, those Fun Fur neck scarves. At least, I could pick the colour! my horror....I was in Fred Meyer the other day and guess what is back in fashion??? Yup! Leg Warmers!!! I'm going to go hide all my knitting needles.

Jackie said...

I'm gonna use that! The AK snow days have set me back too and my card to you will be going out Monday! Took me forever to get my act together with the family picture. Yikes! Especially since there is something for your kidos in them. (Hoping you are getting our box soon since it should have been shipped some time ago.) Love U all bunches, Jax

P-Dot said...

Your Mom has always set a lovely table and I see being mature hasn't slowed her down. What did she fix for dinner?