Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook / Simple Devotion

FOR TODAY....... December 18, 2008

Outside my window...Snowing outside right now and everything is as white as can be,...very peaceful.

I am thinking...How wonderful it is to be loved and in love.

I am thankful for...a content heart.

From the kitchen...I am making three more Dark Chocolate cake mixes for my Snowman bag gifts and also am making up some potato soup mixes for gift bags as well. No dinner in the oven, going over to mom and dads tonight for oysters.

I am wearing...A grey volleyball Champion sweat shirt that Alison gave me, dark blue sweat pants, my Pug socks and some warm slippers.

I am creating...the rest of my snowman gift bags. I need to sew them up and iron each one.

I am going...No where today. Going to stay inside and work on my projects and then clean up.

I am reading...Gods and Kings by Austin

I am hoping...That Elliot makes it back home safe from Kelsey's house.

I am hearing...Alan Jackson is singing Christmas music to me from my living room,...OK so it's a CD.

Around the house...It is tidy and warm and very much decorated for Christmas. There is fake snow that I throw on my Christmas tree that I think the dog got on my living room I will vacuum that up later. I think he is snooping around the tree for his gifts.

One of my favorite things...Just being caught up around here and working on my projects.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I will wrap up a few gifts and make up a few more gift cards. Start thinking about getting things ready for Christmas dinner, need to make a trip over to Costco and Trader Joe's sometime this week as well.

Here are a couple picture thoughts I am sharing...

I have really enjoyed the Simple Woman Daybook and now she is doing a devotional as well so thought I'd put these two together for my blog. If you are interested in joining in, just go to her site and follow her instructions and sign on with her.

For Today...Dear Lord,I bring you my shortcomings... Help me Lord to slow down a little and see all that is around me that I so often take for granted. I want to see you Lord for who you want me to see you as and worship you the way you want me to worship you. Put those in my life that will help me to grow nearer to you yet help me not to linger on that mountain to long and miss out on someone walking by who might need some warm light in their life as well.
I bring you my worship and praise... You alone are all any of us need, Lord. You fill those dark deep voids in our lives if only we open up and allow you in to do so. The very fact that you hold the key to our lives, yet you always knock and wait on us are Awesome!
I bring you my prayer... I pray Lord that you continue to place people in my life to help keep me focused on you and your truth, yet keep me strong when others need a caring hand or your word shared. Continue to help me to be in this world yet not a part of it.
You spoke to me...Last night several times starting with the Christmas Sweater Production and your gentle peaceful snow fall last night in my front yard. I heard your message Lord, that there are always going to be storms in our lives, and I can choose to stand in that storm alone or I can stand it with you. Thank you for that.


Connie said...

I love the simple woman's Day Book too and enjoyed your day with you. I especially love the snow outside your window. I've seen that a few times in my life. Yesterday we had water approaching our back door...too much rain all in one day...our lawn couldn't soak it all in. It's all gone now! It was so good to have rain! Enjoy your family and Merry Christmas! Connie

Kelli said...

I hope you are having a blessed week, Christine! Stay warm!

Ladyinpink1 said...

Beautiful Post...!! I love "The Simple Woman's Day Book".....and your message was very inspiring! Beautifully written....
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a Great Friday..!

Stay warm and toasty....

And those Oyster sure do sound good<3

Winterwood/Krissie said...

Hi Christine - they said on the early news here this morning that its even snowed inlas vegas! I love snow pics, especially when its so hot here they keep me feeling cool!
But... you stay warm there, and have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Every mom and dad should have a daughter like you! We are so proud of you and your family. You make us proud sis.
Love mom and dad

P-Dot said...

It makes me tear up with joy that you are loved and in love. I know so many people that are just going through the motions without feeling anything at all and often even hate their spouse.

Christine said...

There is a song in the Musical "Wicked" that talks about I am a better person for knowing you....there are many poeple in my life that have made me a better person yet I'd have say he is on the top of that list in my life. He has made me a better person in so many ways! He really is my soul mate and I am and will forever be grateful to God for connecting us on this earth! He really does know what is best for us and I am just so glad I happened to be in a "God listening mood" when he came around! He keeps me balanced and is such an example of how a husband should treat a wife and his family.

Attebetty said...

What a lovely day Christine.
We ventured out in the snow today. I had to go to the Snohomish Clinic. Getting out of our driveway was the hairiest part. It's so beautiful up here in the boonies though. I love it when the snow stays on the trees. They're so gorgeous with the blue sky behind them.
I like your idea of putting the Santa photos in a book. Think I'll make one for Terri and copies for another for my niece.
I'm off to permeate the house with the smell of corned beef and cabbage. the news last night, talked about how everyone is stocking up on comfort foods in this weather.
Tell 'Anonymous' I said, 'Hey' when you see them tonight.