Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sweater with a message...

Winterwood...look what I made! OK,..the rest of you can look to, but I wanted her to see that I followed through and made this cute little needle point project I found on her blog one day. I made four of these this last week end while at the beach with the family. I came home and framed one for myself and am in the process right now of making these into sweet gift bags, like the one in the picture above here. (This picture doesn't really show you how pretty the red bow on top is,... I'm not the best photographer) I just finished up some adorable gift cards to go along with these as well. Inside each bag I have wrapped the ingredients to our favorite Chocolate bunt cake along with a cute tag with the instructions for them to make it....oh and I even have a cute picture of the bunt cake on the card!

Tonight the hubby, daughter, brother John, Mom, Nick, Kim along with myself (Kim took off before I got pictures) went to see the wonderful Glenn Beck production of the "Christmas Sweater."

Glenn Beck did a fabulous job in this production and what a wonderful Christmas message for all! Every year we try and hit at least two new Christmas musicals or productions that come into town. Dad is taking us all to a wonderful Christmas musical after Church next Sunday that I am really looking forward to as well. As much as I love the old favorites like the Nutcracker, we decided to skip it this year and aim towards some new Christmas messages, and boy did we hit a bulls eye with this production this evening. If you haven't seen it then I'd really encourage you to read the book.

Thank-you so much little brother for bringing this wonderful production to our attention, getting us all together and picking up all our tickets for us! Loved it!

It is cold and more snow is predicted to hit us this evening. We are all staying warm by the fire and enjoying each and everyday with the kids home. I am going to a Christmas tea tomorrow and then a Christmas dinner that I look forward to every year as well. I don't know about you but I sure love this time of year! It is indeed busy, but a good busy!


Jackie said...

Love the bag Chrissy. What a great gift idea with the cake ingredients and special bag. Sounds like you had fun at the show too. I'll have to check that out. My resident ballerina HAD to go see the Nutcracker again so what can I say, but this sounds fun and refreshing. HA!

P-Dot said...

You needle pointed all of those in a few days? are a hard act to follow.
They look wonderful. The bag will be a keepsake. I still have a quilted wallet set that Terri made me years ago and it no longer serves its intended purpose but I carry it from place to place for a keepsake.

Christine said...

Thanks Jackie...they were fun and so quick to make! The Nutcracker is beautiful! I think if we could of squeezed that in we'd of done it again! It has been fun seeing other things the past few years though.

P-Dot...oh they were really easy and pretty quick...One movie and it was done!

Ladyinpink1 said...

Your needle point bag is awesome!! I have NO patience for needle point and I applaud anyone who does! What a nice gift bag to more of your homemade gifts in. A sure Treasure for the person who will be receiving...! Love those Christmas Shows too. Makes for a more Festive time of year.

Winterwood said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a really cute pattern and youve done it fantastically!!!! You must be a fast stitcher cos it took me about 2 weeks to get mine done but I was going a bit slow, but four!!! cant believe it! Like lady pink says it will be a treaasure, and looking at my framed one I think to myself - I made that! and its a nice feeling!

ps how did I miss this post? I read your day book but was not alerted byblogger on the previous one?? hmmm never mind I have seen it now. thanks for the heads up!

P-Dot said...

Thank you Winterwood, for validating my point about Chris being a hard act to follow. It would take me forever to do something like that and I'm really crafty.

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