Wednesday, September 22, 2010


/kindl/[v.trans] Light or set fire. Arouse or inspire(an emotion or feeling):a love of art was kindled in me. [intrans] (of emotion) be aroused:She pressed on. enthusiasm kindling within her.[intrans] become impassioned or excited;the young man kindled at once.

I'm just sitting here thinking about all the extra space I'll have on my desk once I figure out how to use this new electronic book! Maybe I'll even have enough room for a bigger candy dish or, who knows, maybe I'll even be able to add a bowl of nuts!

I've been pretty excited about this kindle ever since the day I held my sister in laws in my hand for the very first time. I'm even truly excited to order my very first book on it, yet, all at the same time I am having some real mixed feelings here.

For instance, I love going to the book stores and just getting lost sitting in their big comfy chairs with my mocha and a table stacked high and full of all the possible books, thumbing through each and every single one of them trying to narrow it down to one affordable purchase. Or how about the excitement of finishing a really good book and not being able to wait to pass it off to the daughter or a good friend to read? Or the very feel of the crisp pages of a brand new book in my hands?

But my real concern is for all of the book stores around the country who may now go out of business because so many of us are no longer buying the books off their shelves? I guess Joe Fox had it coming, but still...

Just the other day my husband and I were talking about the very fact that a whole new generation to come is never going to know or experience, what a newspaper is or even what it feels like to be on the local high school team and waiting for that newspaper to show up on your front porch the very next morning to read all about it. Or what a newspaper boy/girl is?

I guess you could say that the kindle definition I am experiencing right now would be: (an emotion or feeling)

I'm happy, really, I am.
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