Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Yes you CAN!

My clever friend, Carol, posted this on her face book page today and I am already on it! I'm always on the look out for fun and creative ways to reward the children in my Sunday school class. The age I teach is preschool up through the 5th grade. Every single one of these children have just finished memorizing all the books of the New Testament, earning themselves each a bible. I can already hear their little voices saying, 'Ms. Chris! we can not possibly learn all the books in the Old Testament too!' Now I can just tell them, 'Oh yes you CAN!'

I found peaches today on sale. The exact kind of cans I needed to, with the pop off lids.

Once you have your cans go ahead and tear off the wrapper. With a can opener, open the bottom of each can and wash it out.

Store your peaches in another container and put them into the refrigerator.

I have been holding on to these beanie babies for the longest time now, trying to figure out what to do with them...well today is their lucky day because they are going to become a gift/reward for each and everyone of the kids in my Sunday school class. Pick what ever gift you can fit into the can.

I wrapped each little critter in some yellow tissue paper and put them inside of the cans. I cut some paper in the shape of a round circle and glued it to the top of the can lid so that when the can is open you have a pretty pattern at the bottom of the can, plus it keeps the glue from getting onto my tissue paper.

I found some fun paper to decorate my cans with and cut it to fit around the out side of each can.

I then, using a hot glue gun glued the bottom of the lid to the bottom of the can, now sealing the can shut. I also added hot glue to the bottom rim of the can to make sure the lid was secured to the bottom of the can. After my hot glue cooled down a little I cleaned off the extra glue and made it look tidy. Not perfect, so don't fret, just tidy.

I then glued the paper to the out side of the can.

Added some raffia to the out side along with a hand made little gift tag.

I think this turned out cute. I'm working on another one for the daughter, who is up at College right now, with some cute little soaps and small lotions inside.



~The Robin's Nest~ said...

This is about the cutest idea I have ever seen!
Those kids are going to love it!

Your daughter will too! What a great gift idea. I'm so glad you shared it. It would be a cute way to wrap some stocking stuffers too!

Thanks for showing such great pictures with wonderful instructions.


Christine said...

Oh, stocking stuffers...another fun thing to do with these! I think we are going to need us a few elf's!

Debbie said...

That is the best idea! I bet we can come up with so many uses for these.

Green Willow Pond said...

What a cute idea. I was a Sunday School teacher for years, so I know how hard it is to come up with inexpensive gifts that they will love.