Monday, December 6, 2010

Made this today out of coffee filters. Kind of reminds me of mom. When I was a kid she redid my bedroom and it was beautiful. One of the things I will never for get was these huge pink flowers she created out of tissue paper to put at the end of my bed...they were so pretty. I just think that she may very well of been the one to start all these flowers out of tissue and just doesn't know it yet. Here years later I am making some for my dinning room table for Christmas!

Not sure what else I will put with these flowers but they sure are beautiful just as is on this black table in the dinning room. I have some really pretty cranberries I could stick in there but for now I may just let it be simple.

I need to get my sewing machine fixed so I can create some new curtains that I have had in my mind for months now for my dinning room...need to clear this space in my head!

I really am enjoying the Holidays so far and I hope you are too.
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