Thursday, January 6, 2011

My sister in law made this for us this year for Christmas. I thought it was not only cute but ever so clever. I asked her where in the world she found this idea...she laughed and said that she found it on one of the blogs I follow on my blog here! Thought that was funny. I have no idea which one, I must of missed it, but it sure was a fun use of a planter a vase and a red wooden ball. Very cute candy dish.

Finally got the tree down this evening...what a mess that was..still is! I waited the kids to head back to school to take everything down so that we could just hang out and have fun while they were on break...might reconsider that idea next year.



Lynette said...

It is amazing how some people just have the creativity to see a candy jar in pieces of wood, planter and vase. I wish I had the ability.

Christine said...

I agree!