Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking forward to....

Sweet Basil

Fresh Garlic

Bush Peas

More Bush Peas

And some warm and dry days so that I can plant all of my babies out side!
I am not one to complain much but I really am so sick and tired of all this cold and rain.

Complain, complain, complain....

I have been grumbling....and allowing myself to fall into a rut over all these gray clouds, cold and rain...never ending rain!!

{negative thoughts}

The difference between those who are able to rise above their adversities and those who get stuck in them is their attitude.

These are the good old days and I need to make each and everyone of them count.

focused on the wrong things/thoughts}

Keep our eyes on the big picture so that we don't miss the beauty of the moment.

{More grumbling}

Just saying a little sunshine sure would help.

{still grumbling}

Dear Lord, help me to see the bigger picture.

Making some soda bread and soup for a family with two children that have no food in their pantry or their fridge.

Amazing how small and trite my problems really are when I ask God into my days to help serve Him a little better, walk with Him a little bit closer and keeping my focus on His issues and not mine..

I doubt this family's big complaint right now is the rain....

{Negative thinking makes the small stuff seem so much bigger}

Is it still wet and cold outside? Are the gray clouds still out there and do I need a coat to make this delivery?

This is pretty much how it works when your focus is on serving others.

Learning to be a servant to all.

Lord, help me to look at the bigger picture...

Yesterday my thoughts were pushing me around. Today your word is pushing my thoughts around.

Give thanks to the Lord because he is good. His love continues forever.
Psalms 136:1



Nina Diane said...

I am so looking forward to the warm weather..fresh herbs and veggies...wonderful evenings of deck sitting!! hope you are doing well...

Christine said...

Am doing much better. Praising God that your sweet husband is home...continues prayers for his health. Hugsss