Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simple Paper Project



Fold again...

...and again.

Write the note, add the address and find a stamp.


I remember as a kid tearing apart an envelope and using it as a pattern to make my own envelopes out of the Sunday comics or what ever magazine my mom would let me have.

There are a lot of fun papers to use.

Home made card for the envelope

And away it goes.

The verse I used on the card:

He who walks with the wise grows wise.
Proverbs 13:20



Anonymous said...

Thanks for Sharing !! I'm telling my daughter about this as my 5 yr old granddaughter loves art and wants something to do all the time! :)

Lynette said...

This is amazing, thank you for sharing.

Poopty said...

Hey, I never got this in the mail.. is this some kind of joke? lol send me one! haha :D Where are you getting all of these ideas? I love them

Christine said...

Honestly Poopty...I can not believe you are here checking this! It was sent yesterday. Making note to hold back on some of these posts! This is a very old idea poopty...way before you were even born! Let me know when you get your note.

A Very Upset P.Doodle said...

By the way, Mother, I requested over Spring Break to make some stationaries while I was at home and we never did it.. but I noticed you decided to do it AFTER I left! The nerve of some people.... :P

Christine said...

Poopty ~I can't imagine why we couldn't fit this one tiny project in amongst the other 1000 things we did. Making note to put this on the top of your next home visit list of things to do!...lol love you and thanks for your help!