Thursday, June 14, 2012


For years now I have had chronic pain through out my entire body. Over the years I have pretty much learned to live with it. I have really been praying this one out to the Lord.  Last week I had some pretty intense pain in my stomach and figured my body was having a difficult time digesting the poor food choices I was making, long story short, so I read this book and decided to give it a try.

I am now on day 6 of this fast and my body, for the first time in years, is completely free of pain! Not to mention, my stomach has never felt better. One of the many  appealing things about this detox/fast program is that you really don't ever feel hungry, but... as soon as you do, you simply have another drink and believe it or not you are satisfied. (day one and two were tougher)  Depending on how toxic you are you do get a little sick between day two and three. If you can just make it to day four you are good to hang in there, it is so worth it!

If nothing convinces you that the food choices we make don't make you sick and toxic, this detox book, "The Master Cleanse" will. From the little research I have done here I am now convinced that white sugar is not a friend and I am also beginning to question white flour and dairy as well....ugh this is a hard one for me to swallow! I know that this is going to be a tough journey because I have really known no other way of baking  other than with sugar, flour and dairy!

I would encourage any and everyone to give this book a read. Short read and very informative.

Another note here, everything you need for this drink you pretty much have at home or easy access to. So no worries of having to order expensive kits through any company.

I've enjoyed drinking this mixture, both hot and cold. 

Just a few of the benefits of this cleanse; sleeping much better at night and waking up feeling more refreshed every morning. Energy level is out of this world amazing! I feel  good from my head all the way down to my toes. No pain, no pain NO PAINE! Blood pressure down along with everything else. The weight loss has been a real extra bonus as well. But just makes you feel good  knowing that you are doing a good service to your entire body.

I'm now in the process of gleaning some new recipes and am also going to work hard on retraining myself to cook up some new meals around here. Although I will ay this, I know my self well enough to know I am not a purest and will eat out side of my limits from time to time but at least I now have something to aim for, good health being at the very top of this list.

 This cleanse/fast has opened my eyes to how very important our poor/good food choices can make us feel, one way or the other.

The word 


sure has been on my mind these past six days.

~enjoying answered prayers and praising the Great I AM for healing.


allisamazing said...

Sorry to hear about your constant struggle with pain but so happy to hear you have found some relief. I am going to take a peek at the book :)

Christine said...

It is just so nice to finally figure out what this pain was all about. So nice to be pain free. Now I need to reprogram myself to make better choices....such as life. (smile)