Friday, February 6, 2009

And the winner is......

And the winner is........Carol!


Thank-you so much everyone for your visit and sharing some of your fun Valentine ideas with me.

The Month of love!

I found these cute little towel sets at the store the other day and thought they'd make cute little Valentines gifts. My mom was the first to receive a set this month! I bought this cute little coloring book at the dollar store with bears and hearts in it. I copied one of the little bears onto all my plain white towels and embroidered him onto them.

So Guess what I am doing with my last one?

That's right...!
I am giving it to one of you!

I have taken part in the give aways in bloggy land and even Won one. So I figure it is time to share the love with one of you - And what a better time to share the Love than in February!

~ I'd Love it if you'd add yourself to my blog friends list so I can come visit you as well.

~ Leave a comment on this blog if you'd like to be added to the drawing.

~ I'd Love to learn of some fun Valentines traditions you have as well!

Oh - Did I mention Chocolate??? Yessss I will even send you one of our families favorites as well...I will wrap up for you and your family members our Valentines Milk Chocolate bars! So leave me a number as to how many are in your family. {let me clarify} Your immediate

I will have the husband pull a name out of the Hat This Friday! I want to get this to you before Valentines my plan is to mail it off to you this coming Saturday!

~ enjoy


Carol said...

Yeah me! Thanks Christine. I just emailed you but forgot to tell you. There is 3 of us.


Christine said...

Yeah! Your gift is in the mail and on it's way! =O)

Ms. Tee said...

Congratulations to Carol! :)
Hope you have a good weekend, Ms. Christine - stay warm!

Christine said...

Thank-you sweet Ms have a great week end as well!