Saturday, December 4, 2010

A gift a day....December 5th

The tag on this one reads:

For Christmas we wish you ~ Love~ Joy & Peace

First off...go to your local craft store or floral store and pick up some glass rocks.
These were purchased at Michael's craft store.

Then find a pretty font and create your verse or words that you would like to add to the back of your glass rocks. You will have to adjust the size of your font according to the size glass rocks you buy. I would recommend at least 1 inch rocks or larger. If you get to small of a rock it will be hard to read the words or see the stickers on it.

My rocks are a little over an 1 inch across, as you can see.

I then picked out some little pictures on some stickers

Place your rock on top of your stickers (stick your stickers on to the white paper as well) and trace around them with a pen using your rock. Once you have cut out your words and stickers simply take a glue stick and glue over the top of your word and attach it to the bottom side of your rock.

Are they not just precious!

Now if you'd like you can hot glue a little magnet to the back of it and attach it to your fridge or just put them in a pretty little glass jar.

Did you happen to see this from my yesterdays gift idea?

Well with the other half of that paper that I used for my jam yesterday I made a little bowl to put these little glass rocks into for the little rock holder. I took the paper stock that was thicker than a regular piece of paper not real sure of the weight of this paper. I picked it up at the scrap book store for one of my scrap booking projects. I formed it around my jam jar to get this little bowl like shape.

I then pressed the paper flat to get a really good crease along the edges so that it would hold its bowl shape form.

Pressed down hard and really creased the edges. No I did not hire a hand model..that is me.

See how it looks like a little bowl... I like this paper because it is kind of stiff and holds its shape well. I tied some cute raffia around it too.

Here they are in the little paper bowl

After my bowl was finished I wrapped it up in some pretty white netting and added my little card saying: For Christmas we wish you ~ Love~ Joy & Peace



Jen @ said...

Very cute idea! I am loving this git a day idea Christine. So cool!


Pennie said...

Very cute idea! I've made magnets like these for favors for my women's ministry.

Thanks for visiting my blogsite! You have a great one here, yourself!

-Pennie at Mom Thoughts. :)

Allyson Fairchile said...

Very cool, madre. Can we make some when I come home after finals?

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Christine,
Awwww....They are so pretty and precious. Great job!

I am so sorry about the rats in the attic. Yikes! How scary.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

Lynette said...

I love this idea and I am going off to buy some glass rocks to try it!